Vindur is a light installation that is painting wind structures in the Seyðisfjörður, night.
With the help of the wind the installation comes to life and her structure becomes visible. 
The light images are volatile and will change depending on the wind force, wind direction and the influence of light and shadow. Inspired by the rough nature, the remote fjord and the everlasting wind, Vindur is a site specific light art installation consisting of 10 illuminated wind cones, which are able to revolving around itsleves. The cones are blowing up with the influence of the wind and then reflecting on one hand the light source in its golden, moving body and paints on the oder hand moving light structures to the Surroundings.
Technische Details:

5 wind cones
dimension: h 200cm w 100cm
folding: steel
light source: round fluorescence light bulb
balloon: golden textile

year: 2018